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Nigeria And The Immigration Of Death

GUARDIAN April 5, 2014

How can Nigeria, a country so blessed, live in abject-poverty of the soul and of the body? We cannot solve the paradox of want in the midst of plenty by doing away with plenty.

The confusion, the killings, the hatred, the war in the land is caused by poverty. When I heard of the tragedy of the immigration recruitment exercise, three things came to my mind: The employment young Nigerians, who have gone to the university with neither education nor skill; the Nigeria government that does not participate in the preparation of our education and poverty of understanding the depth and danger of unemployment with its attendant security problem; and the youths who have completely refused to invest in themselves ,refocus their attention and energy and examine their values and mindset. Continue reading Nigeria And The Immigration Of Death

Nothing is Conclusive yet on the Bayelsa Race

Former Secretary To The Bayelsa State Government, Steve Azaiki spoke with Abuja deputy bureau chief, MADU ONUORAH on the national awards.



WHAT: do you make of the crititsms that have trailed the calibre and number of people who were bestowed with national awards?

The awards are becoming too easy to get. Although I am a beneficiary, I believe that but for people like Alhaji Shehu Shagari who recognised me, I have not done enough to merit a national honour from my country. I am aware the Bayelsa State Government has nominated me twice. In 2005 my name was published but I was not in the final list. Continue reading Nothing is Conclusive yet on the Bayelsa Race

Nigeria At War: The Case For State Of Emergency

Nigeria At War: The Case For State Of Emergency


Today I and my fellow country men and women must decide if we will choose peace or war. It is time for us to show patriotism and love for our brothers and sisters in the North. Calvin Coolidge in a speech, in October 6, 1925 said “No nation ever had an army large enough to guarantee it against attack in time of peace or insure it victory in time of war”. Dwight D. Eisenhower was right when he said “Men acquainted with the battlefield will not be found among the numbers that glibly talk of another war.” Those who fought the civil war and those of us who were children, and those of us who lost our fathers, brothers, uncles and loved ones will agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson (“War”, Miscellanies, 1884) when he said “War, to sane men at the present day, begins to look like an epidemic insanity, breaking out here and there like the cholera or influenza, infecting men’s brains instead of their bowels”. Continue reading Nigeria At War: The Case For State Of Emergency

Political Conference of Hope!


Now that Nigerians are talking let us give hope a chance. “When hope is taken away from a people, moral degeneration follows swiftly after,” Henry Wadsworth Long-Fellow (Tales of wayside inn, 1886) said.

Let us remember Edgar Waston Howe when he said, “there is nothing so well known as that we should not expect something for nothing — but we all do and call it Hope.” Continue reading Political Conference of Hope!

Let Mandela Go

When, a few weeks to his 95th birthday, former South African President Nelson Mandela’s latest health crisis notched a new high, I am sure I was not alone in nursing the private thought that, perhaps, he was being kept alive by all means medical science could permit, to at least prolong his life until his 95th anniversary, just five years shy of a Centurion. The world rose in celebration to mark that birthday on July 18, while Mandela remained in a Pretoria hospital, with varying reports of his beleaguered recovery, although your guess is as good as mine that Mandela, the global icon, is not in a race to become the world’s oldest living man. Continue reading Let Mandela Go

Jonathan’s Looming Political Battles

Jonathan’s Looming Political Battles

Until a few months ago, President Goodluck Jonathan was striving hard to get the public to focus on governance, rather than politicking. Thus, whenever the issue of the 2015 presidential election popped up, and answers were demanded whether or not he would run, the President, or more frequently, his media handlers, retorted that the incumbent was focused determinedly on justifying the overwhelming mandate which he received freely and fairly in the 2011 general elections. He would rather proceed with the implementation of the Transformation Agenda, than be drawn into premature calculations of whether or not he would seek re-election. This was notwithstanding the fact that depositions in certain affidavits had asserted the incumbent’s constitutional right to contest the 2015 election. Continue reading Jonathan’s Looming Political Battles