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January 12, 2020
January 27, 2020



The Revelation of David Ibiyeomie as anointed servant of God, bestowed with uncommon grace, was indeed, to fulfill a divine call to establish God’s Kingdom on Earth, so that mankind will be saved and blessed eternally. These have indeed been on for 20 years, and this year’s 5-days of Glory programme, even promises more showers of blessings.

Five years ago, I attended The Salvation Ministries Church at the Government Reserved Area (G.R.A) in Port Harcourt. On that day, the presiding pastor, Pastor David Ibiyeomie was at his best. He preached about sin and salvation and the need for mankind to restitute and receive salvation. Laced with the theme of prosperity, the Man of God was so audacious, just as the teachings were equally so convincing. Yet, I perceived him and the message on the contrary, as I rather reminicised on the negative stories that made the rounds about some pastors and Men of God, especially as were reported in the mass media and in the rumour mill.

Surprisingly however, as I returned home after the church service that fateful day, the unimaginable happened.  At night, the imagery of the church and the sermonic messages continued to reappear in my head. I could not sleep, nearly thought out that night. I was rather awake pensively replaying all  that Pastor Ibiyeomie preached at the service.

One aspect that cugeled my brain most, is the sin of arrogance and pride, an issue he kept hammering to the congregation. He did that with a spiritual force that never allowed him to mince words.

He stated that the spiritually proud person finds fault in the Saint, while a humble Christian spends most part of quite time at home to reflect on his or her conducts, and prays for deliverance from evil, instead of been busy criticising and judging other people.

Then the next Sunday, I attended the service again. On that day too,  his teaching, centred on the topic, “character”. He simply defined that character is who you are when no one is watching you. This apt definition took my mind back to the other Sunday’s lesson. And the admonishments even became more edifying to me.

Thereafter, I read one of his books:  Secrets of Generational Impact: Living Successfully to Change Your World. It opened my eyes the more. In that inspirational book,  the author, Pastor Ibiyeomie says, as a person, you must go to God in prayer and ask him where you belong in life. He further says that it is not in the hands of any mortal to predict for you. He continues, that God made us children of destiny, and He has  great plans for everyone. But that modern society and external circumstances can halt the expression of your God-given talents and other blessings.

But that, the ‘Secrets of Generational Impact’ provides the practical steps to focus on possibilities and opportunities, instead of limitations.

The book assures that God will  motivate and encourage us to go beyond the expected norm,  take risks for His glory and face new challenges with excitement. He figuratively admonishes that challenges will  serve as food for the champions who are ready to address them in righteous manner.

To every grace, he says, we must be humble because as he puts it, without humility, we cannot access divine grace. According to the author, grace empowers us to conduct ourselves appropriately in the world. And that when we want grace, we cannot walk in pride and arrogance.

Haven accessed the mighty works of Pastor David Ibiyeomie, I feel compelled to mention here that Nigeria has been so blessed to have Men of God who have done so much for our nation, much more than we can even imagine. For instance, the good deeds and miracles of Benson Idahosa of the Church of God Mission International are wonderful and spirit-lifting.

In another instance, I remember the first day I went to Royal House of Grace, which is now my church, I was surprised at the teachings and preachings of Apostle Zilly David Aggrey, a man without high educational qualifications. I concluded that he must be speaking for God and he is indeed anointed. Amazingly, Apostle Zilly Aggrey sees David Ibiyeomie as a mentor.

Like Apostle Aggrey,  many of us across the globe, also see David Ibiyeomie as a mentor and a father in Christ.

One of the things that make Ibiyeomie stand out, is his favourite teaching that the ultimate test of true religion is the audacity to go beyond the spiritual vilification of Satan. Indeed, religion must find a way to reconnect man to a larger beneficent purpose here on earth. If the will of God must be done “on Earth as it is in Heaven” then we must support the poor, speak up against injustice and oppression, and help build a better society.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie of the Salvation Ministries in Port Harcourt is doing a lot for mankind and in God’s vineyard. . Is it In his teachings (whether in church or in his over 80 books)? And through charity, as he for instance, recently built and donated a magnificent hostel to the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAEU), Port-Harcourt? In fact it is in all angles you can recall.

Ibiyeomies’s regular teachings on topics such as facing challenges squarely and cultivating positive attitude to life, faith in God’s healing power, the place of prayer and fasting in the Christian Faith, have continued to change many lives spiritually and physically.. And the testimonies abound.

Despite the value of miracles reaped daily by believers and the unbelievers because of God’s mercy, Pastor Ibiyeomie always reminds mankind of the importance of hard work, personal responsibility, and the need to aim for a larger social good of society.

Crucially, Pastor Ibiyeomie recognizes that there is no sermon greater than the power of personal examples. This is why in the past 20 years, Pastor Ibiyeomie and the Salvation Ministries, have spent billions of Naira in humanitarian relief efforts. They have built free schools for the dowthroden children, and granted scholarships to thousands of students within Nigeria and abroad.

In a morally depraved world, dominated also by leaders blinded by the cataract of corruption, Salvation Ministries, have come to the rescue by giving succor to millions of people through healing, deliverance, hope as well as spiritual and material fortitude.

As the church holds its flagship programme, the “5 Nights of Glory 2020”, on the 20-24th of January, 2020, may the good Lord who has mandated Pastor Ibiyeomie to serve Him and mankind, again manifest His greatness and mercy by doing wonders to the congregation and others, through the anointed servant. May God’s healing power and righteousness flow like a mighty stream. And so shall it be in Jesus name. Amen!

(Austine Tam-Geaorge is acknowledged). This article was inspired in church, by the sermon delivered by Pastor Dr. E. A Odeyemi of the Redeemed Christian Church Central parish , Abuja).