CIES elects Nigeria in to the the Executive Committee of UREAG

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CIES elects Nigeria in to the the Executive Committee of UREAG

Under represented Racial, Ethnic, And Ability Groups UREAG Permanent Standing Committee of Comparative And International Education Society elect Nigeria in to the the Executive Committee of UREAG.

Prof. Steve Azaiki who is the President of the International Society of Comparative Education Nigeria was first elected to Executive UREAG at the Comparative And International Education Conference CIES in Vancouver, Canada last year and reelected this year at the Atlanta Conference on Wednesday March 8. Azaiki is the first Nigerian to be so elected to the August body.

Prof. Azaiki’s election will open opportunities for Nigerian and African Academics who are looking for research grants and travel grants to world and international conferences.

The mandate of UREAG among other things is to continue efforts to remove barriers to participation and increase participation of underrepresented racial, ethnic, ability groups including other minority groups in CIES policies, programs and activities.

Speaking at the Conference Prof. Victor Kobayashi who was president of the World body said Prof. Steve Azaiki will bring the desired participation of Africa and that his election will bring opportunities to the African continent.