Azaiki Library

The Azaiki Public Library is a part of The Azaiki Foundation which also comprises the Azaiki Museum.

About Us

Azaiki Public Library is a non-partisan strategic initiative of concerned individuals in the private sector and the Azaiki foundation to create an environment that will foster encourage genuine search for solutions to National problems through discussions and dialogues. The library will have various department; Politics, Constitution Review, Employment generation, Health, Information Technology, Oil and Gas, Africa History, Agriculture, Slavery and Slave trade, Museum and Arts gallery Exhibition and talent hunt, Agriculture, Olobiri Oil History, Manpower and Entrepreneurship development, Niger Delta Struggle, Ogoni and Ijaw youth Council, Ijaw National Congress struggles.

The various sections and especially the section on Nigeria (The National Think Tank) attempt to engage in proper analysis of National problems and arrive at practical suggestions and recommendations that may help in resolving all or part of these problems.

The Azaiki Public Library is affiliated to the Niger Delta University Wilberfoce island; the Federal university, Otueke, Institute of science and Technology, Yenagoa; Azaiki foundation, Niger Delta Museum, Museum of Nigerian Arts Yenagoa; Institute for Leadership and Development Studies and the Niger Delta Centre for Research and Documentation, Yenagoa. The Aziaki Public Library encourages lifelong learning by welcoming all people and offering equal access to information, entertainment and knowledge through materials, programs and cutting-edge technology. The library provide access to a rich collection of books, up to date e-library, DVDs, audio books and music; the internet and Wi-Fi, sophisticated research databases, many of which can be accessed from a home or office computers, newspapers and magazines, continue to serves as cultural centers, presenting the highest quality author discussions, exhibits and programs for children, teens and adults.

The Azaiki Public library idea was first conceived in 1992 to support indigene students who could not afford to buy basic text books for their studies. It started in a very small room at Opolo in 1998 and later moved to Amarata in 2000 and later to Prof Steve Azaiki room at lmgbi Road, Amarate. With demand for books and reading space the Azaiki foundation and Cecelia Zifawei foundation for girl child education started the initiative for the construction of a building to accommodate young people seeking knowledge. The glass house was completed in 2008 but could not accommodate the entire books the facility has accumulated.

In 2008 Prof. Steve Azaiki decided to redesign an office complex under construction to the present Library Centre. The reconstruction took five years to completion.

A five-year agreement with the Azaiki foundation, the Library main sources of income, sets out the agreed out puts and levels of performance that the library is expected to deliver.

Our Mission

We shall provide knowledge and create opportunities for education and innovation using our world class facilities, knowledge, excellence environment and a culture of up to date service delivery.

Our Vision

We are a generation of opportunities tempered by today’s technological advancement, committed to distinctive knowledge development services. Building on our legacy of creating opportunities in leadership and development and opening minds across generations.

Our Values

Service. Performance. Respect. Integrity. Innovation. Tenacity. Knowledge. Excellence


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